Strategies Of Communications And Structure Of Narrative In The Context Of Instrument On Media

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Irma Gabinashvili


In the process of convergence of new media, the theories of long-term impact of media are relevant, which explain the social and cultural changes caused by this impact. It is known that while the media and people tried to fully clarify their relationship, shared functions and roles, informatively fed and nourished each other, a third party got involved in the game - a kind of mixture of media and people. year "New media" with its alternative formulation - online media. Obviously, the new, therefore, online media has adapted well to the nature of the information environment - a combination of cognitive, physical and virtual dimensions, and at the end of the age of "mediocracy", radically changed the emphasis, activated the process of storytelling and narrative production.

The dominant nature of the narrative calls for conceptualization. Under the influence of social constructivism, it is gradually becoming more important to study the aspects of messages to society and the formation of stereotypical representations with the appropriate structure. And inspirations from narratives provide a solid foundation for exploring ways in which some components are stronger or more natural than others. This process also highlights the fact that we live with the effects of cultural influences
- in modern societies they are sometimes invisible and often dependent on contexts that connect and intersect with other discourses. Today's information platforms have the power to cover almost all areas of communication in the "timeless mental landscape" (Castells, 1987), where the system of symbols and thoughts is the process of getting rid of semiotic influences, and cultural and communicative memory is national cognition and the living past; In the process of transmitting information from generation to generation, various actors emerge from the space of material and spiritual culture, however, the role of narratives is the most important among them and appears as a powerful tool in the process of forming cultural influences.

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Published: Nov 15, 2022

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