The Influence Of Modern Media Space On The Emotions Of Adolescents Prone To Deviant Behavior (Addicted To Internet Games)

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Guranda Shamilishvili
Rusudan Ketchakmadze
Irakli Abashidze


Computer media technologies have an active influence on the consciousness of modern society. Internet space and online systems have quickly become defining attributes of reality. oday, human activity in any field is simply unimaginable without the digital world, which can be considered one of the outstanding achievements of modern scientific and technological thinking. Despite the advanced reality, the factors influencing people with computer technology are still at the stage of study. Due to the high rate of development of digital media technologies, constant contact with the computer can form certain forms of computer addiction in adolescents, which can lead to a relapse of emotional activity in older students. The problem of social adjustment of adolescents is relevant because the destructive processes affecting various social spheres have led to an increase in Internet addiction and crime, not only among adults, but also among young people.

In this paper, in accordance with tests and psychological research methods, the emotional state of computer-addicted high school students is studied, the problems revealed during the research are presented. Also, it is worth noting the fact that in the conditions of the global covid-19 pandemic, due to the restrictions related to movement, when teenagers had to interact with online technologies more often, we think that the mentioned issue was even more burdened and given a psychological value. According to the results of the test study, medium addiction was detected among teenagers, although some of them had high risk factors for cyber addiction. Research has shown that the increase in the level of dependence on the virtual media environment (mostly in social networks) aggravates the emotional background of the life of senior students. Addiction to computer games can affect the psyche of adolescents. We think it is important that for the formation of mental health and positive emotions of the next generation, in order to reduce the harm of media technologies, appropriate strategies should be drawn up by specialists. The severity and relevance of the issue is analyzed from a psychological point of view. Based on the research, recommendations are presented for high school students, parents, teachers about the prevention of computer addiction.

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Published: Nov 15, 2022

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