Social Projects In Modern Organizations And The Specifics Of Their Coverage In The Media (On The Example Of Georgian Business Institutions)

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Ekaterine Chalaganidze


In the following report "Social projects in modern organizations and their coverage by information channels" on the example of Georgian business institutions, the focus is on the perception of the importance of corporate social responsibility by modern commercial institutions. The examples discussed, clearly show how social projects affect public evaluation.

These influences are directly related to the formation of a positive, credible and solid image of the company.

The report discusses the modern Georgian commercial sector, comparative analysis, examples in different periods. It will analyze how the approach to corporate social responsibility has changed over the past years. The above examples and research help us to see what impact social responsibility has on the company and its community.

The content analysis presented in the report clearly shows the social needs and perspectives in the commercial sector. It is also interesting to see how expands the target areas within social responsibility and is presented in a different context. If in the past it was enough for commercial institutions to take care of only their own profit, today the highest standards are met by taking care of the needs of the society, observing ethical standards, taking care of the environment.

Social Responsibility, Social Projects, Social Projects in Georgia
Published: Mar 17, 2023

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