Magazine “Eri“ And Russian Politics

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Maka Dolidze
Nargiza Kankia


On 13 September of 1909 “The secrete group of restoring of Georgian independence” published the political, literary and scientific magazine “Eri”. It had national direction. The editor and publisher was Petre Surguladze. Akaki, Vazha, Kita Abashidze, Al. Proneli (Al. Kifshidze), N.Lortkipanidze, Z. Edili (Edilashvili), A.Shanshiashvili and etc. collaborated in it.

The main goal of the magazine was to fight against Russificaion regimen and awakening freedom ideas in Georgian nation.. Each article or letter paid great attention to education and the existing situation in Georgia.

The editorial of the magazine speaks about saving Georgian language in the first number. It could not get on with that learning-education was not proceeding in their mother tongue and announced with indignation that: The editorial of the magazine tried to find such ways and means that would facilitate the improvement of education, growing the pupils with sense of national self-consciousness, rising and strengthening the interest and love of anative language.He called up readers to take care of nati ve language. It is gentle creature which needs special attention and help.

On 20 October of 1909 after publishing the second number the magazine was closed. And for almost half a year it appeared under different names. Only in 1910, Petre Surguladze was able to restore magazine “Eri”.

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Published: Nov 15, 2022

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