"ClLICKBAIT" Headline, As A Manipulative Strategy

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Mzia Tadumadze


The wording of the title is an actual problem in digital media, because it has become necessary to increase it in a new way in modern reality. It is to be investigated to what extent its classification aspects and role have changed in the digital age, what basic load has been preserved in online media from a functional point of view.

The use of the method of observation, analysis and comparison allows us to determine changes in the classification of the title, the degree of its applicability in terms of diversity. Also, evaluate the new "function" of the title as a tool of manipulation. To highlight the purpose of the "new feature" - to increase the visibility of the material and the result - the harmful effect on the digital audience. Based on the purpose of the research, we searched for examples of sharp, intriguing Clickbait headlines on informational websites and, using the analysis method, tried to find out the question of their relationship with the texts. Also, the description of the informative and emotional function of the titles, the definition of the author's relationship with the title and the determination of the degree of psychological impact on the society. The presented work allows us to conclude that the official media are facing challenges due to business interests. They use a manipulative headline as a way to make a profit, which ultimately leads to misleading readers and unresponsiveness in the long run. Such an approach has a negative impact on the development of journalism. A media without an audience cannot withstand the competition that technological progress has put in front of it.

CLICKBAIT, Manipulation, Strategy, Propaganda, Disinformation
Published: Nov 15, 2022

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