The Stereotypes Of Organizing Georgian And American Talk Shows

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Salome Dvalishvili


The presented article deals with the extent to which structural stereotypes are protected or violated in Georgian and American talk shows and what are their linguistic features. The object of our research are several American talk shows, including „Meet the Press“, „All in with Chris Hayes“, „The dailt show with Trevor Noah“ and Georgian talk shows "Giorgi Targamadze's Formula", “Politmeter”, “Sanaya”, "Timely Questions", „The highlight of the night” and "Reaction".

The research uses the contrastive-descriptive method, on the basis of which we try to answer the questions: what similarities and differences are found in American and Georgian talk shows, both stylistically-structurally and linguistically. Also, what forms of address are used in English and Georgian talk shows? How identical are the greeting block and the opening phrases of the talk show? To what extent do the presenters and guests of the program follow the cultural and mass media stereotypes characteristic of their own countries? Are opponents provoking conflict and insulting each other? Is the dialogue mostly constructive or destructive?

In the part of the talk show where the discussion is taking place, the Americans criticize each other, but in the conversation, they maintain the turn-taking, they keep their turn. The Georgian politicians often speak at the same time. It is not easy to discern their future plans, they do not shy away from criticizing their opponents, which often turns into insults, and their statements turn the television studio into a battlefield.

Alternation, Talk Show, Stereotypes, Linguistic-stylistic-structural peculiarities
Published: Nov 15, 2022

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